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Handcrafted Art and Jewelry

Made of African Fabrics

In mind of respect and honor to African culture and tradition, with a strong emphasis on joyfulness and celebration of life.

The entire collection is hand-made with the use of the imported materials, in addition to using gold-coated beads, brackets, and clasps.

Each piece of the entire catalog of jewelry can be both ordered, and custom-made. The accessories are unisex.

About Me

My name is Dana and I am an artist and cultural entrepreneur. In 2012 I journeyed to volunteer and travel in Africa.

I travelled eight countries in nine months,  falling in love with the people, the boundless nature, the authenticity and the rich colors. In 2017 I moved to Israel’s lush Galilee where I learned to sew and create the necklaces you see here. Every necklace has its special identity, each created with different fabrics and their unique colors. I am thankful to create these colorful ornaments.

I invite you to contact me and together will find the perfect piece for you!


With love,

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